Phenom 300E


JetsPlus is excited to add a brand-new Phenom 300 to our expanding fleet in 2019. The Phenom 300 larger cabin comes with lateral and longitudinal, swiveling movements with full reclining capabilities.

The Embraer Phenom 300 has the ability to maintain a 6, 600 feet cabin altitude during cruise flight at 45,000 feet, resulting in less fatigue for passengers. The aircraft is one of the most versatile within the light jet class. The Phenom also incorporates a unique window design, strategically placing eleven windows with one in the lavatory while providing maximum natural light with more viewing area than other aircraft in its class, this  innovative design is appreciated by the lucky passenger occupying the fully certified, lavatory seat during flight.

The Phenom 300 delivers a cruising altitude of 45,000 ft  with a range of over 2,000 miles with a state of the art pressurization system that ensures passengers arrive at their destination fully rested, free from the effects of high altitude.