At JetsPlus, we believe impeccable maintenance is the foundation for excellent safety;  it's why management of your aircraft gets individual attention to assure day-to-day operations, support, and compliance is examined beyond standard regulatory requirements. From managing hangar space to complex maintenance, your aircraft are maintained with an exceptional level of detail. JetsPlus private aircraft management allows you to experience all the advantages of ownership with the peace of mind you deserve.

Charter Savings

JetsPlus long-established business relationships will save you money while assuring the highest level of safety and compliance for your investment. Saving you money without compromising the integrity of your aircraft is one of the many benefits of being a JetsPlus customer.

Charter Revenue

Our charter revenue models are highly effective, often surpassing customer expectations. We help by creating revenue streams to offset operational expenses. We work together to develop a custom solution that works best for you. Our customers often find themselves in a more sophisticated aircraft with less cost than previously expected. 

Aircraft Management

Management is much more than just overseeing your aircraft. It takes a small army of dedicated professionals to ensure your aircraft is operating with a high level of safety. Our safety methodology starts with our highly trained professional flight crews who attend the world's top-flight schools. Whether you're flying in our Gulfstream 450 across the globe or taking a leisurely flight in our King Air for a weekend getaway. Feel confident knowing your flying with the highest qualified pilots and flight crew in the world. 


Flight Operations

Risk Management

Flight Crew

Finance Administration

Scheduling and Dispatch

Highest Jet Charter Safety Ratings and Crediaition