Gulfstream 500


We are excited to introduce the brand new Gulfstream 500 to our fleet as of January 2020. The G500 is ideal for international, nonstop transoceanic travel with a standard travel range of 5,620 miles and a cruising speed of 616 Knots. The G500 is a large cabin, long-range aircraft developed for speed and comfort.  The G500 and is considered one of the best large-cabin, long-range business jets in its class earning the fleet a well-respected reputation throughout the globe.

The G500 new airplane’s cabin provides 1,715 cubic feet making for spectacular views looking out 14 patented window design on Gulfstream aircraft.  Clients instantly notice the G500’s environmental system providing 100% fresh air into the cabin at all times that makes passengers feel as if they’re flying at 4,850 feet, even at altitudes above 51,000 feet, which provides a noticeable difference in fatigue for all aboard.

The 175-cubic-foot rear baggage area is, of course, accessible in flight. The plush seats can be quickly transformed into beds for the ultimate flight experience.