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Aircraft Charter

Let JetsPlus be your charter company of choice with tailored flights to fit your specific needs. From the time you contact our friendly knowledgeable specialists, till arriving at your destination, we're committed to provide you an amazing experience.

Aircraft Acquisition

Enjoy the extraordinary benefits of private aircraft ownership. At JetsPlus, we negotiate professionally to create successful aircraft transactions. Discover the many ways we can help.

Aircraft Management

The JetsPlus team will create custom management solutions to meet your expectations. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to ensure all your aircraft management needs are fulfilled.

King Air airplane going to mammoth
Cessna Citation flight to las vegas nevada
a jet going to drop off a family on vacation getaway

Popular Getaways


Coastal Escapes

erd4Coastal vacations are amazing. If you're seeking something special, we recommend Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, and Huntington Beach, to name a few. Whether you're landlocked in the Midwest or just want to visit new locations throughout California, Washington, Canada, and Mexico, JetsPlus will fly you there in luxury and comfort.

JetsPlus makes it easy for you to enjoy exclusive getaways in style. Come fly in our state of the art business jets and turboprop aircraft. Distant adventures are closer than you think.


Desireable Locations
  • Carmel By The Sea
  • Monterey Bay
  • Pismo Beach
  • Santa Barbara
  • Crescent City
  • Laguna Beach
  • San Diego 
  • Los Angeles 
  • San Francisco 
  • Canada
  • Washington
  • Mexico

It's no surprise, the words  "Wine Country" sparks the imagination;  dining in castles, enjoying fine wine, appreciating art, romance,  family,  friends, and business acquaintances in wine country is magical. It's astounding how many people visit from all over the world to experience what's in our own backyard.  Be spontaneous, keep things exciting, surprise a loved one, recognize valued business acquaintances; book your flight today!

Journey To Wine Country
  • Sonoma County
    Los Carneros
    Sonoma Valley
    Napa County
    Mendocino County
    Lake County
    Solano County
beautiful napa valley farm location for a getaway

Wine Country

Spend your weekend enjoying some of the best food and spirits in America. Whether you're seeking to discover new blends of fine wine or planning a romantic getaway, California's wine country is an excellent choice.  Few places in the world produce such a spectacular getaway for romance, family, friends, and business meetings. Have your next board retreat or corporate event nestled the most beautiful backdrops on earth. Become inspired by miles of pristine vineyards and weather that rejuvenates you.

Fans at a sporting event - soccer game

World-Class Sports Events and Entertainment

There is nothing like the feeling you get attending sports events or watching your favorite artists performing live.  Don't allow limited access, distance, or time constraints hinder your ability to create fabulous memories that will last a lifetime. Reach out to our warm, welcoming specialists today.  

Everyone loves watching a great game or live performance but often miss out due to lack of access, distance, and time constraints. JetsPlus on-demand private charter makes it easy to attend countless events regardless of distance. Whether your seeking to attend your favorite sports event or checking off your bucket list at the Superbowl, JetsPlus makes certain you arrive in style.  Give us a call today.

Find Your Moment
  • Las Vegas events
    Mammoth Mountain year-round adventures
    PGA Championship
    Kentucky Derby
    Little League World Series
    Professional football, baseball, and basketball
    Daytona 500
    Concerts and the performing arts
    The World Cup

JetsPlus Specialty Flights

expert witness courtroom with chairs ready for charter flight

Expert Witness and Depositions

 Did you know there is a growing need for expert witnesses on a global scale? If you’ve ever been involved in depositions or were requested as an expert witness, you've discovered the most time-consuming part of the appearance is travel time. Let JetsPlus help...

smiling doctors standing together with clipboard in hospital going on vacation to Napa Valley

Physician Wellness

 Although healthcare organizations are working diligently to recruit and retain high level,  board certified physicians, it's no surprise that work-life balance is essential to career longevity and clinical outcomes. We offer a solution...

organ transplant services via jet

Organ Transport Services

 The success of donor organ transport requires immediate access to high-performance aircraft to help save lives. JetsPlus is committed to ensure donor organ transportation and hospital expectations are always met.