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Aircraft Charter

Let JetsPlus be your charter company of choice with tailored flights to fit your specific needs. From the time you contact our friendly knowledgeable specialists, till arriving at your destination, we're committed to provide you an amazing experience.

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Aircraft Acquisition

Enjoy the extraordinary benefits of private aircraft ownership. At JetsPlus, we negotiate professionally to create successful aircraft transactions. Discover the many ways we can help.

Aircraft Management

The JetsPlus team will create custom management solutions to meet your expectations. Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to ensure all your aircraft management needs are fulfilled.

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Cessna Citation flight to las vegas nevada
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Clean, Safe Aircraft

The cleaning products we use are tested against the strain of the coronavirus within the guidelines provided by the CDC to keep you safe and provide peace of mind. After each flight, the aircraft is sterilized before the next flight to ensure your flying in a clean and safe environment.


Internationally Recognized

Our large cabin Gulfstream fleet spans the globe in luxury and comfort earning us a reputation that inspires client referrals beyond expectation. JetsPlus's Gulfstream G500, G450, and G200 fleets provide all your long-distance international demands. In contrast, our fleet of medium size jets and flight crews are ready to fly you to Mexico and Canada in our fully cleaned cabins.

Our Crew Maintains The Highest Cleaning Standards In Business Aviation.

"Our customers need to know their flying in aircraft cleaned with the same hospital-grade disinfectants used by trained medical staff in healthcare facilities."

- Gene Sullivan


Highly Qualified Flight Crews

JetsPlus has an impeccable safety record as the result of combining highly qualified pilots and maintenance management with the highest level of Safety Management Training (SMS).  Get ready to receive personalized service as you sit back, relax, and enjoy your travel experience.


Specialty Flights

The perfect starting point for expert witness proceedings, physician wellness programs, donor organ transport deployment, and access to world-class sports events and entertainment are easily accessed using JetsPlus On-Demand Services.

Get Lost In Paradise
  • Relax in style even before your dream vacation starts. Cabo San Lucas is one of the premier luxury destinations in not only the Americas, but the entire world. Between endless sunset nights and adventure-seeking days Cabo San Lucas is the ultimate getaway for our clients. Contact Us to see why JetsPlus is the #1 choice in luxury private jet travel.

A Unique Set Of Values And Beliefs

JetsPlus Private On-Demand Flights

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We Are Here For You

We are driven to inspire as many people imaginable to experience the feeling of flying privately for business, pleasure, and enjoyment. 

Private Travel; The New Norm
  • There is nothing quite like traveling on a private jet. Whether it's your first time or you've been flying for years. Private jet travel is quickly becoming the preferred method of travel in the wake of the coronavirus. Choosing to fly with highly qualified crews in aircraft cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants is the best way to travel for business and leisure. Discover JetsPlus, explore your sense of adventure; let's go flying.
Maximize Your Time and Productivity
  • Flying with JetsPlus delivers the ultimate in privacy and comfort. Imagine conducting productive meetings in the privacy of a clean, secure cabin allowing you and your team to arrive well-rested and fully prepared to conduct business when it matters most. Envision creating special moments on family vacations and romantic getaways the moment you're greeted at the door by your helpful flight crew. Flying in a secure, clean, confidential setting on your timeline is the only way to fly. Experience the difference with JetsPlus, a leader in private Jet on-demand services.

A Unique Set Of Values And Beliefs

It's hard to overlook the freedom, flexibility, and responsiveness you get when flying with us. We believe it's the best way to travel, let JetsPlus show you a fresh, new way to travel. 

G 500 Flying

We Enjoy Working With Your Team

Whether it's closing a deal or making special memories with loved ones, it's inspiring to watch the positive impact JetsPlus private jet travel has on people's lives.

We Understand Our Clients
  • We recognize how vital your executive team is to the success of the organization. We also appreciate the essential role Executive Assistants and handlers play in the day to day operations. The JetsPlus team enjoys working with your support staff to create a fantastic travel experience while freeing up the executive team to prepare presentations and run the organization. We find these kinds of relationships very rewarding and also uplifting as Executive Assistants take part in providing outstanding value and results for the people they support.

JetsPlus Specialty Flights

expert witness courtroom with chairs ready for charter flight

Expert Witness and Depositions

 Did you know there is a growing need for expert witnesses on a global scale? If you’ve ever been involved in depositions or were requested as an expert witness, you've discovered the most time-consuming part of the appearance is travel time. Let JetsPlus help...

smiling doctors standing together with clipboard in hospital going on vacation to Napa Valley

Physician Wellness

 Although healthcare organizations are working diligently to recruit and retain high level,  board certified physicians, it's no surprise that work-life balance is essential to career longevity and clinical outcomes. We offer a solution...

organ transplant services via jet

Organ Transport Services

 The success of donor organ transport requires immediate access to high-performance aircraft to help save lives. JetsPlus is committed to ensure donor organ transportation and hospital expectations are always met.