Aircraft ownership and acquisition is a complex process, but with the right guidance and expertise, the experience becomes an exciting and enjoyable arrangement for our clients. We know aircraft acquisitions require attention-to-detail that leads to successful outcomes for each and every transaction. 

two pilots shaking hands that just purchased a plane

Experienced and Knowledgeable

The JetsPlus team has decades of experience buying and selling hundreds of aircraft ranging from single engine pistons to large transport jets.  With thousands of flying hours, multiple type ratings, and maintenance certifications, our team is well equipped to close any deal. 

If it's taking you more than one month to certify your crew and aircraft,  its time to  consider changing your strategy; you're losing valuable time, money, and charter revenue that you deserve.

Our team specializes in validating all transactions to get you flying in less time. Give us a call today for a second opinion or comprehensive assessment.


Our Buying Strategy Step-By-Step

Acquisition Strategy

We begin by creating essential documents to review cost, perform market research, aircraft evaluation and appraisal, Contract Negotiation, Management of pre-delivery inspection, Management of delivery and redelivery, and a careful review of current tax laws as part of the JetsPlus acquisition plan to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Records Review

The JetsPlus review process involves a comprehensive assessment of aircraft and flight crew documentation. Our skilled admin team captures data points to support your aircraft maintenance, accounting,  and training documentation requirements in chronological order to ensure accuracy, completeness, and fast retrieval when needed.

Pre-Purchase Technical Inspection

The focus of a pre-purchase inspection is to gather accurate information about the aircraft's current condition. Our internal team of pilots and mechanics have a wealth of experience inspecting aircraft before the point of sale. Many of our pilots hold duel ratings as flight instructors, A&P mechanics, and Inspector Authorization (IA) certifications who have decades of experience in choosing the right aircraft for the mission.

Company Formation

Many of our clients choose to form companies to manage the asset. Company formation varies with client needs. Some want to add the aircraft to an existing company, while others prefer a more complex arrangement. Whatever you decide is then reviewed carefully using a cause analysis methodology to provide all options. Our goal is to make sure you're getting the most out of your business model. We work diligently to make it so.

Purchase Agreement

The agreement describes the terms and conditions of the aircraft sale. This vital document is reviewed carefully to ensure that both parties will follow through on their commitment regarding all aspects of the transition. JetsPlus specializes in domestic and international sales agreements for our clients, so you're in excellent hands.

Legal Support

Our legal team is experienced in all aspects of aircraft purchase from simple sole ownership to complex cost-sharing business models to make sure you save taxes and offset expenses triumphantly. We use financial tools that provide accurate records keeping.

Test Flight

JetsPlus pilots will perform a functional check flight following strict criteria to ensure all systems are operational. The flight check is often conducted by a pilot/maintenance inspector to ensure no stone is unturned. The test flight includes logbook review, maintenance, and usually several hours with the captain who flew the aircraft for the seller. By the close of the test flight, we have a keen understanding of aircraft condition and items that must be completed before purchasing takes place.

Closing Adjustments

At the closing, all agreements between buyer and seller are finalized with JetsPlus by your side. Documents are signed,  exchanged, and finances are complete, to assure the title property passes to the buyer. Being alongside you during the closing process is an exciting time because it's the point when your dreams of private jet ownership become a reality. There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing the fruits of your labor come alive. You board your aircraft,  sit in whatever seat you choose, then it becomes crystal clear: you have arrived!

Tax Advisory

JetsPlus is very knowledgeable about tax laws specific to aircraft sales and acquisition. Our team provides no how to minimize tax expense while remaining compliant with the requirement to assure the very best value for you.

Entry Into Service

Once you acquire the aircraft, assistance does not stop there. Guidance and training as a new operator is custom designed for each owner.  Providing excellent results requires a unique set of skills to provide maximum utilization of your aircraft safely and efficiently. JetsPlus offers administrative services to ensure your fully informed about the full scope of aircraft management as it pertains to your plane.

Service Excellence

Whether your a sole owner, partner, or a client, service excellence is the foundation of what we do at JetsPlus.  Every aspect of JetsPlus focuses on what our customers believe is essential and value most.