About JetsPlus

“We listened to our customer's ideas of what private air travel would look and feel like, and then we designed the companies service offering like no other in the industry. JetsPlus, large enough to span the globe, small enough to be amazingly agile and adaptable to meet your needs.” - Gene Sullivan JetsPlus CEO/Founder

Who We Are

Established in 2016, JetsPlus is a global air charter, acquisition, and management company offering world-class charter services to destinations around the world.

Gene Sullivan, CEO/Founder of JetsPlus, has been flying most of his life, some 37 years after the start of his career, Gene has amassed over 20,000 hours flying dozens of aircraft makes and models. His vision to focus exclusively on aircraft charter, acquisition, and management services make JetsPlus a well respected, globally recognized company.

The high concentration of expertise within our niche continues to create outstanding quality, service, culture, and brand that builds the kind of long-term relationships our customers cherish.


Why We Do It

We love aviation and showing people the many benefits of private air travel. We believe flying showcases the very best in human ingenuity; it's the reason we are so dedicated to giving you a fantastic experience from the moment you speak with one of our friendly aviation experts till the time you arrive at your destination. Fly with us today and feel the passion of JetsPlus.

How We Do It

We focus on specific aviation services that matter most to you. With more than 100 years of combined aviation experence, our team has earned industry credibility that attracts the most qualified pilots and administrative staff to deliver world-class services on every flight. Unparalleled expertise, integrity, and service excellence are the guiding principles we embrace.

JetsPlus is a new breed of on-demand charter, acquisition, and management company with a unique business model designed to thrive in today’s fast-paced private jet industry. Everything we do focuses on serving your aviation needs and getting the most out of your investment. Reach out to us for the opportunity to learn more about the good things we're doing at JetsPlus.

What We Do For You

We take great pride delivering the safest, most reliable aircraft, and crews possible. JetsPlus guiding principle is dedicated to providing the very best value and results in the industry.


Our team safeguards you from common pitfalls by providing accurate information to  maximum results. We take all the guesswork out of purchasing your aircraft so enjoy the process while reveling in the fruits of your labor. 

On Demand Charter

If on-demand, air charter services are what you're looking for, our friendly, expert representatives are ready to help you reach your destination with ease. Come flt with us;  It's sure to put a smile on your face.


If purchasing an aircraft is your goal, our team has access to thousands of aircraft across the globe.  Once we identify what your looking for, we are on our way to make your dreams come true


If managing your existing aircraft is what you desire,  we are ready to manage all aspects of your aircraft, freeing you for more enjoyable activities. Imagine the freedom and peace of mind that comes with JetsPlus management services.


FAA Air Carrier Certificate CVDA043D

JetsPlus is an FAA-approved air charter organization operating worldwide in premium high-performance jet aircraft under certificate CVDA043D.  Our certificate, along with all other regulatory requirements, surpasses industry standards in flight operations and safety. From vendor qualification to accreditation, and safety management systems, JetsPlus maintains the highest level of readiness to serve you well. It's for these reasons we are referred to as the premier aviation company of choice by our clients.

Aviation Credentials and Affiliations

We follow strong principles resting upon safety,  compliance, and readiness fused to a solid succession plan to assure the organization remains sustainable for decades to come.  JetsPlus is an ARG/US Gold, CHEXQ, NBAA member fully insured to the highest standards within the industry.

SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS AND THE COMMUNITIES WE SERVE IS IMPORTANT TO US.  We are committed to affecting positive change as active members of The Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC), Presidents Club, The Economic Development Center, The Chamber of Commerce, along with a variety of philanthropic causes. We believe strongly in making a difference by using aircraft to save lives, grow businesses, and increase the  quality of peoples lives throughout the world.

JetsPlus is proud of our standing  within the community as well as our interest in supporting the next generation of aviators to help aviation flourish for decades to come.